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His hands caressed her inner thigh, mere inches from her most private area, I was amazed when she slightly spread her legs allowing a little more access. My wife flipped over on the table and I saw that her nipples were very hard and her face looked flushed.

Mark asked if she would like a towel to cover up her breasts.

A couple of hours later we were on the phone discussing it.

I said that I was interested, but wasn't sure that she would go for it since she is very prudish outside the bedroom, We had met in school and I was the only one she has ever been with sexually, so allowing another man to touch her may be out of the question.

Mark told her to go into the changing room, get undressed and take a sauna. It showed her walking into the sauna room with a white towel wrapped around her chest.

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Mark asked her to go take a hot shower and meet him in the massage room.He told me that I could always pay for those services and just see what happens.That massage is very relaxing and sensual from the start, so sometimes things just progress.In those cases, I do not charge extra because it is mutual enjoyment.So how would you feel about it if it progressed into more? I mean don't push towards it, but if it progresses that way it is OK," I replied.

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