Askmen top 10 dating tips

Here are the top 10 compliments women can’t resist, and that might not come to mind immediately: One of the biggest drags about being female is the persistent myth that women aren’t funny, even though female comedians and actors are consistently proving this trope wrong, and ordinary women are cracking each other up whenever we gaggle together in groups.Occasionally, too, men are so preoccupied with the idea that they need to be The Funny One in the relationship that they stifle their significant other’s attempts at humor or drown them out, and this can lead to an awkward dynamic where your girl feels under-appreciated in the comedy department and like you’re always trying to outshine her.

A more tailored way of delivering this compliment is by relating it to taste; for example, “you have such good taste in books/movies/music” or even the more covert (but equally flattering) “could you recommend me a good article/song/series?I definitely trust your taste.” Telling a woman she is beautiful will usually be well-received, but it can be such a generic compliment that it occasionally comes across as a bit disingenuous and hollow.Go a step further by isolating her best features and complimenting them specifically.It’s great to be appreciated for your humor: as a guy, you know this, so why would it be any different for women?Show sincere appreciation for her humor, and she’ll warm to you as a result.

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