Not to be outdone, “End of the Day” from One Direction’s Made in the AM was also inspired by the relationship.

The “Sorry Not Sorry" singer admitted she has had more than one rock-bottom moment, saying, “I've been through a few, but I've picked myself up every time, so in the film, you know, it showcases every single time that I've picked myself back up and made changes to grow.” One of those moments was when she punched one of her backup dancers on a plane, an experience that led Demi to get help.

Unfortunately, due to the press, the relationship stopped before it really got going.

Later in 2012, Styles began dating model and star of the One Direction video “Gotta Be You,” Emma Ostilly.

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Harry Styles has had a number of girls in his life over the years and like most celebrities, the first few are just girls he knew.

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