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Like not even sexy, just kinda like what you're expect the weird girl in the corner of the party to do. I don't know if it's the same on metros around the world, but the London underground is a study in how to ignore each other.

It seems there's a competition on the tube to see who can memorise the adverts above the people opposite. I've managed to strike up conversations with tourists several times before, but only once with English people.

We can encourage our kids to protect themselves by:• Have a no exposure rule- both with yourself and in viewing others.• Don't self-disclose specifics about your life. You never want to give any type of information so that a person can find you outside of the chat room.

That helps to keep you safe and in control.• If you start to feel uncomfortable with the conversation, recognize you have the right to leave the chat room. Absolutely wonderful site due to the openness of it.

It's no wonder the free papers are so successful, who cares what rubbish you're reading and who cares if this is the fith time you're reading the same article, so long as you have something to focus on intently throughout your journey.

"We are living in space-age times but there's too many of us thinking with stone-age minds" - Daryl Davis "What makes something right or wrong?So ya i got on there and apart from the massive onslaught of penises everyone kept skipping me. well I did talk to this one awesome and hilarious girl for like 20 minutes and then i accidentally hit backspace and it closed the chat and i had no way of ever talking to her again.... Like not even sexy, just kinda like what you're expect the weird girl in the corner of the party to do. And no, I haven't tried it either, I thought about it but yeah, I saw that southpark episode first... I have a friend who feeds a taped video of a girl doing some weird things. Well, you're a guy, it was probably a lot of guys skipping you because you're not a hot blonde with big boobs or whatever superficial/funny thing they were looking for.Want to see hilarious pictures and videos check out my opinion it's a place for adults and it's not so bad when somethimes we can get fun there, but think about the kids...I noticed that mine son was there a few times and I install PCWeb Control and blocked him that page.

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