Dating song from boys

Remember to mind your manners and kiss up to the family and you’ll be earning brownie points with your sweetie in no time.

[Shawn] "People been asking me why I made an album about fuck boys.

Make sure you compliment Granny on her sweet tea and Aunt Sally on her banana pudding. You want to get brownie points with the family, you need to be on their good side. Like a sappy love song, fill the truck bed with pillows and blankets and go to an open field for stargazing (for extra points, have Sam Hunt playing in the background).

Dating in the South is special because we have such beautiful land to take advantage of.

I love writing and it’s a big part of who I am as an artist, but the second I heard the hook of ‘Boys’ I had this idea for the video and I knew I had to do it.

And re: getting the boys – most of them are friends or people I know or have worked with. Honestly, he’s one of the sweetest most kind people ever and I’m so happy/lucky he was in the video. Charli XCX: I listen to a lot of demos from when I’ve been writing in the studio. I don’t like to sit on songs and not have them come out for ages, so I’ll probably decide the final tracklist for the album a couple of months before it’s gonna come out.

The most important part of a good southern relationship is the amount of respect present.Related: Exclusive Video Premiere: Brett Dennen's "I Only Want You" "Goodbye" by Kristina Debarge So many extra points for sampling Bananarama.Best line: "I don't care if I never see you again, I'll be alright.All the guys were all really down and totally got the concept. Music videos of days gone by (and a lot still today sure) are steered by the male gaze imposed on women, who tended to be background characters in visuals – is this turning it on its head? Charli XCX: I would never miss a party for a boy, they would have to come with me. I recently spent a week with her in this crazy house in the middle of nowhere in Suffolk writing songs. And I really liked PC Music’s ‘Month of Mayhem’ too. Charli XCX: Well, obviously that's been a big influence on my video. And if I had to pick who to take with me, I would probably either take A. Cook ‘cos he’s the best dancer at parties or Diplo because he has a really great array of fidget spinners which is v. Can you say anything about your upcoming third album?

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