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‘The australopithecines are unique.’3Neither Lucy nor any other australopithecine is therefore intermediate between humans and African apes.

Nor are they similar enough to humans to be any sort of ancestor of ours.

Ovo je jedna od ključnih tema evollucije,evolucija Čoveka. But we would argue it seems to look like many of the forms of the apes we have seen from that period."Skepticism regarding these famous primate fossil finds seems to call into question the rigor of the scientific process within the field of paleoanthropology.

Dali je čovek evoluirao od zajedničkog pretka sa čimpanzama ili ne,lets examine the top 10 ,,missing links,, koje se koriste kao ,,dokaz,, da je čovek evoluirao u majmuna,mada da li se koriste sve ove prelazne forme više ili su neke(a možda većina njih) odbačene??? Wood's and Harrison's paper certainly makes one wonder: Are these isolated incidents of misinterpretation followed by media hype, or does the problem pervade the whole branch of science?

JPG)Homo Sapiens Sapiens ...: D vi..nas...konačno...posle MILIONA I MILIONA fosila evo nas x D lol..eto,ovo vam je ,,ikone evolucije,, mit koji je još davno Jonathan Wells razbio,ali ovo verovali ili ne još koriste u udžbenicima,ove ,,ikone evolucije,, se još uvek koriste jer ....evolucionisti su kao i svaka fundamentalistička religiozna grupa FANATIKA...džabe vam je sve,oni i dalje veruju u teoriju iz 19 veka kada su ljudi ,,vozili,, konje i umesto svetla,čitali uz uljane sveće...da predjemo odmah na stvar,evo od ovih ,,top 10,, missing links koje su odbačene odavno,a koje odnedavno.... Orrorin tugenensis, Sahelanthropus tchadensis and Ardipithecus ramidus su odbačena....evo,još ću vam postaviti kompletan članak koji su Evolucionisti postavili,tj gde Evolucionisti stručnjaci govore kako i zašto su ova PRVA tri fosila na skali ,,evolucije Čoveka,, odbačena...(zapamtite,ova prva 3 fosila jedino možda još u srbiji ,,srpski ateisti,, koriste,ali razumljivo,njihovi udžbenici od 5tog razreda još uvek sadrže ernest heckelovu embriologiju zbog koje je i on sam osudjen pre par stotina godina u svom univerzitetu,a i sam je priznao prevaru :)) stoga me ne čudi da ,,ateisti srbije,, još uvek koriste ,,very outdated,, informacije,tj misinformacije....odoše prva 3 ,,prelazna fosila,, odmah..: DApe or Human?

Is the human evolutionary fossil record a crapshoot? There are reasons why this branch of science may seem messier than most, he said, but all things considered, it is doing extremely well.

Slowly, more scientists get a chance to look at the specimens, and the debate continues and eventually gets resolved."Finding the correct ages of fossils is also problematic.

"There are spectacular techniques to date excavation sites, but there are limits to what you can use them on," Harrison said.

Though they've been hailed as remnants of some of our earliest hominin ancestors, paleoanthropologists Bernard Wood of George Washington University and Terry Harrison of New York University say they're probably just non-hominin ape bones."The problem is that a number of features that have been identified as being related to humans may be interpreted in different ways," Harrison told Life's Little Mysteries.She was part ape/part human."Thus was the opening statement of the PBS Nova program.The narrator said those words with confidence as though, in HIS mind, it was an open and shut case, but the conclusions and methods of his "science" are being questioned in this report."Argon-argon dating is really precise, for example, but it requires the presence of volcanic rocks and you can't find those everywhere. Carbon-14 dating kicks in for anything up until 40,000 years ago but before that is unreliable."An added difficulty, as Harrison and Wood point out in their paper, is the occurrence of homoplasy – a situation where the traits of two distant species have evolved to look similar, as opposed to looking similar because of a close genetic relationship.Jungers, the paleoanthropologist who wrote about Orrorin's bipedalism, agrees with the Nature authors on that particular point.

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