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If there was any chance for her to have a futanari inside of her, she would drop whatever she was doing. All that year she had been inexplicably attracted to her, thinking herself possibly bisexual.

She never forgot the surprise and joy she felt when she saw her female classmate drop her pants and expose her hard cock.

Edith silently followed, her body burning with desire.She looked up to see the slim, attractive woman smiling down at her. "Well, Edith, I'm not going to lie to you; I think we should get out of here and go back to your place." "I... Michelle wasn't surprised that her overly-obvious seduction had worked.Without waiting for a response, Michelle sat down at the table. I live with my parents." "Well, that's too bad," Michelle said with her playful pouty face. " Edith put her hands on her lap and fidgeted where she sat. She was able to land most of futanari that she approached, and it wasn't solely because of her beauty, or her charm. F-Type was the term used for someone who, for a lack of a better term, was natural futanari bait.See it all, always for free and only from Adult Tube! Her job, her free time, and her relationships all revolved around her addiction. While at a raucous house party to celebrate the end of the school year, a giggling Susan Chessler led her upstairs pulled her into a bedroom.

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