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Now things take a turn for the worse as Mio has caught the flu and a bad case of it as she's laid up in bed and forbidden to do any band activities.

That tends to take up too much of the episode as not all that much happens with Mio as she's bedridden for the first 2/3 of the show.

Luckily for Mio no one else can notices her at first in the dress except for Shu who rushes to her aid at the entrance way.

He throws his coat over her head and is prepared to get her out of there quickly when there is a minor uproar.

No one could see Mio's face and wanted to know who this woman was and also where was Mio?

Few upset people too, there was no Mio debut for her fans, Nana's plans went up in smoke and Ren was totally confused about what just happened, there was no way he thought that Shu and Rio were going out, was there?

It is slowly beginning to get cold, but please take care of yourselves and Ganbaretsugo with your work and school.

Our friendship might be ruined if I tell you this, but I want to let you know, I love you.

It's the day of the debut and what should Mio do, she's having such a hard time living with herself keeping the secret.

Shu knew that when he bought her the dress, he's behind her 100% if she decides to let the world know her secret but that is not an easy thing for her to do.

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