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They simply have not held our politicians to account.Want to really know more then this is a more grown up discussion about the ongoing privatization. v=BZL3Wt17w8g If you watched it then what do you think should be done? What should we do , well the easy answer is we should have honest money and leave it up to each to organise their own healthcare.Given the forecasts of staff shortages in the NHS in coming years, helping end the so called brain waste among highly qualified refugees in the UK is not only a much needed and rewarding humanitarian initiative but one that makes financial sense for the NHS too.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Now it’s a political football shaped by the governing parties’ economic beliefs – and with something else at play behind party politics.

But we don't have sound money and I'd advise everyone to enjoy the nhs while they can.Still call me dumb but I don't think they are trying to privatise it , maybe improve efficiency, get more bang for One's Buck but sell it off to financiers to cream off whooping big profits, surely not. Thatcher started thanks to North Sea oil putting an extra 3% in real terms into the nhs and Major continued then new labour and if I remember right Blair went on frost one Sunday morning and either was goaded by frost or was motivated mightily to show Gordon up, promised to put 6% increases into the nhs. the global economy collapsed but Gordon and Cameron continued putting increased funding in.I think it's clear that we have never had so much funding sloshing around the nhs but maybe not per capita. They spend twice as much as a country than us , much of it going to parasites.“We speed date them.”Each refugee and doctor has a sheet of paper on which they write down who they’d like to be matched with.Once paired up, the refugees have a sympathetic insider to turn to as they take the language test (International English Language Testing System) and find a clinical placement to help them pass the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test of medical skills and knowledge, without which they cannot apply for a job.

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