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Oresama Teacher is one hell of a ride, and it's definitely worth the dry cleaning bill.Is this really the typical shoujo manga where a spineless heroine is being courted by 7 delinquents? This is a hilarious shoujo manga that often mistakes itself for a shounen with all the fighting bosses and such.The only drama or hair pulling you will see in this manga is when she is trying to untangle her hair after a fight.The story captivates you, be it with their jokes, art or characters.Thus, effective immediately, the following Summer Rain projects will be transferred to groups below.All SR projects not listed here will be available for other groups to scanlate.Even if a romance develops, which it can given the way the mangaka left doors open for it, I have a feeling it won't be your typical romance seeing as she's not your typical hero.

She has an amazing attitude and is loyal to the core and chivalrous. She isn’t afraid of anyone, mainly due to a bunny incident that changed her life (see chapter 2).

He, contrary to popular belief, does not like fighting but feels like he has to. Not many people know this because they don’t really talk to him but..he’s an idiot, I say that with love.

He was labeled unapproachable by other students in the school but Mafuyu broke down his barreir without him knowing it. Saeki Takaomi is the teacher and obvious from the end of the first chapter that he’s her old friend from when she was little.

Our permission is not needed if you wish to take them on.

Thank you for all of the support you have given Summer Rain for the past few years.

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