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Plus, it’s nice to lower the barrier to entry, so it doesn’t feel like you have to prepare for a marathon before getting down.

Here are the eight best sex positions for tired, lazy sex — but please don't forget to get affirmative consent, especially if you're both tired or drunk!

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But having sex in the car has been a major challenge since the advent of the Ford Model A, and there's no end to the struggle in sight.Once they’re in, lower your leg and scoot your butt closer to their crotch.If it feels like they’re slipping out too much, you can change the angle by bending forward at the waist.Right now, there are engineers working tirelessly to put Wi-Fi in their latest models, but no one at GM cares about giving you enough headspace to comfortably perform an acrobatic sex act in the backseat. Since the onus is on us to make it work, we're obliged to share years' worth of steamy window advice.So grab the keys to your mom's Volvo and find a dark spot in the Best Buy parking lot, as we inform you on The 10 Best Positions for Having Sex in a Car.

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