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You might be surprised how many knives are in the world; there are knives to plane wood, knives to shear steel, knives to separate particles in industrial process applications.In my upcoming book, I'll go into the bewildering classification of knives and blades, and our government's idea that they can classify, track, and identify them all!

Page Topics Aloha, Jay: I just want to thank you for writing an excellent treatise on knives. Add to the comparison that jewelry does not typically anything but be worn and present, whereas the knife is a tool and must perform cutting tasks, and it can be bewildering the number of terms and descriptions available in either the jeweler's or knife maker's world.The following dozen illustrations point out and describe various hand knife components and areas.It's easy enough to identify specific components and their location (like the point of the blade), other knife parts are more generalized to an area (like the grind).In keeping with my commitment to service in my tradecraft and art, it is my goal to create the best single knife maker site on the internet, and it's all thanks to you: the public viewer, knife enthusiast, and aficionado.You don't make several thousand knives in a career without a lot of experience, thought, and details.

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