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Not all of these logos will get nominates as logo of the year but still you will get an idea how flat logos are designed.

I othered this list from various sources but majority of them comes from Dribbble, which is by far the most popular resource for graphic designers.

That’s why you can find flat design Word Press themes all over the place.

While many believed that flat design will fade quickly it has remained on top of the game for many years now.

Flat design is taking world by storm since Microsoft introduced Windows Phone and Windows 8.

At first most designers were against this trend but within a few weeks everyone started to love flat design.

As a result, Parker has resigned.' Baer said in a statement to the WSJ: 'As Zenefits' new CEO has made clear, it is time to turn the page at Zenefits and embrace a new set of corporate values and culture.

Zenefits is now focused on developing business practices that will ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, and making certain that the company operates with integrity as its number-one value.' In May last year Zennefits announced it had raised 0 million in venture funding, giving it a valuation of .5 billion and confirming a drop in appetite among venture-backed companies for initial public offerings.

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