Turn off screen updating

But Chrome has long been my default browser, and I was not ready to give up on it yet.So I spent a bit of time trying out assorted troubleshooting tips that I could find online, all with little to no effect.If you are having a similar problem with mouse lag in Google Chrome, then follow our steps below to turn off hardware acceleration and see if it fixes your problem as well.There are many reasons why you might be having problems with performance in Google Chrome, so this solution may not work for everyone.

It is part of Active Directory and was rolled out to the public with Windows 2000.After making the purchase, it will be delivered through the Store update mechanism.If you don’t intend on using any of the additional features of the Pro version, any device you have running Win 10 Home will be able to successfully run Pro.With all editions of Windows 10 except Home, you can change the app update setting on a per-user basis.To do so, open the Store, click/tap on your user icon at the top of the screen and click/tap Settings.

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